About Us

LOME markası ile 2000 yılında çocuk giyim dünyasına farklı bir tarz ve çok özel koleksiyon ile çocukların dünyasını renklendirmeye geldik.

LOME with the brand into the world of children's clothing in with a different style and have made a very special collection. LOME, rather than just producing clothing products, meaningful art review we aim to be a cultural phenomenon.


This issue with the stability of continuous self-development and production quality children's clothing has taken a leading role. With the principle of quality and absolute customer satisfaction, showing the size of children's clothing LOME, constantly renewed product concept, art and visual aesthetics from the year it was founded in the foreground holding in the sector has an important place in a short time.

The collections are designed and produced to appeal to children between the ages of 1-12.